About Me

Custom car shops have been my second home since 2004. Starting out as a green-eyed auto-enthusiast that had a knack for specialty paints, I’ve since plied my trade as a mechanic, fabricator, technician, and finally, an automotive engineer. It’s been far from easy, but the journey has been rewarding. I have worked in more than a few auto customization shops, with dreams of starting my own empire soon. In the meantime, that dream is confined to my home garage, where I work on some side jobs for friends.

For more than a decade, I’ve handled everything from metal fabrication, custom bodywork, painting, to auto repair and maintenance. As an ASE-certified mechanic, I’ve worked with many models from European, American, and Asian manufacturers.

Culp’s Customs – The Origin

I have one policy: to treat every car that rolls into the garage like it’s mine. Working in the automotive industry means getting exposed to some dishonesty here and there. Some operations will deprioritize your service if you’re not spending the big bucks, while some are not totally transparent about how your money is being spent.

I created Culp’s Customs to ensure that everyone has enough information when it comes to automobile performance, repair, and maintenance. Whether it’s car customization, tuning, or anything automotive-related, you deserve the right answers and expertise. You will find answers in this blog. When I’m not at the shop, then I’m at home working or writing the next article. I manage to get some free time in-between, so you can reach out to me here, and I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.